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Say Thanks to Your Teachers While Giving Back to Your School

Learn how Colorado schools are using Cheddar Up to fuel both holiday teacher giving and their SCRIP program – one in the same.

‘Tis the season to give thanks…  For those of you with school-aged kids, who are we more grateful for than our children’s amazing teachers? And in most cases, it’s not just one person – it’s multiple…if not dozens.

Here at Cheddar up, we talk a lot about the benefits of collecting for an all-class teacher gift. They work HARD and, let’s face it, they aren’t paid enough. And while the heart-felt gift or note is often enough, many also really look forward to the bonus they receive from thankful parents two times a year…especially around the holidays.

Most recently, several Colorado schools have blown us away with their teacher-giving ingenuity. They have taken the “all-class” gift collection to a whole new level with an “all-school” gift collection on Cheddar Up. But wait, there’s more!

These schools are not only creating one tab in which everyone can contribute, they are also listing the ENTIRE school staff on the tab so that no one is forgotten. As a parent, imagine clicking one link with the ability to pick and choose which teachers and staff members you’d like to donate to and how much…all with just ONE simple check out. Talk about saving some much-needed brain space during a time of year when you need it most.

And the best part…these schools are allowing each staff member to choose a gift card from the school’s SCRIP program with the funds they receive. That’s right – this means that the school will also benefit from holiday teacher giving! They’ve turned it into a mini fundraiser in and of itself.  Fortunately, Cheddar Up’s robust online payment tracking makes this entire process super simple to manage. 


  1. If your school has a lot of staff members – for a middle or high school, for example – consider creating a few tabs, perhaps split by grade level, so the tab pages don’t get too long. We’ve had schools add as many as 60 staff names to one tab, which works great. But we’d recommend not adding too many more than that to keep a good user experience.
  2. When you create your tab, select the “Multiple” amount type in Step 1. This will allow you to enter multiple teacher names.
  3. When you create your tab, select the “Link” option in Step 3. Then you can promote it many different ways on your own (e.g., add a link to your tab via your school website, Facebook page, or eblast).   
  4. Include all teachers and support staff so no one is forgotten (including specials teachers, lunchroom staff, etc.).
  5. Have questions when creating your all-school tab and want special treatment? Give us a shout and we’ll make sure that you’re in good hands:  

We hope that this inspires you. It certainly did us. Happy Turkey Day to all. We’re eternally thankful for all of our users, cheerleaders…and supporters. You know who you are. 

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