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Cheddar Up Prepares for SXSW Pitch

Cheddar Up Prepares for SXSW Pitch

We’ve been trying our best to share with you the exciting news about Cheddar Up’s selection as a finalist in the HATCH pitch competition at this year’s South by Southwest, but we realize that as we learn how to Tweet more efficiently and post to a wider audience, some of you may have missed this announcement. 

We also realize that not each of our followers and fans (and even our team members) can keep up with all of the happenings in their own lives, let alone follow all the activities that go into launching a company you support.  So, you’re forgiven if you don’t understand what the fuss is about.

Hipster Check

First, we will tackle South by Southwest.  This is the really amazing Music, Film and Interactive festival held over two weeks in Austin, Texas every spring.  The festival brings top talent in the music industry to perform, premiers new films, hosts art exhibits, comedians and conferences on all manner of innovations in technology.  And, there it is – where we fit in, under the Interactive portion of the festival.   There’s no doubt that SXSW is where the hipsters flock in March.  But, we’ll be there too.

Pitching (specifically, @HATCHpitch(ing))

You may already be familiar with a “pitch” through your own experience or through the way we learn about most things – reality TV.  Shark Tank on ABC gives you the idea of what a pitch is -- the above photo is of the judges from that show.  They look friendly enough (at that one moment), but they can really tear into the innocent people who come out to explain their new business ideas to these business experts in the hopes of getting one of them to invest.  Thus, the name of the show.

Take-away the cameras, editing, make-up, lighting, millions of people who watch you at a later date and those judges, and you have the setting for the more typical HATCH pitch.   We will be pitching Cheddar Up to seven very distinguished and experienced people with a proven record in investing in tech companies.  Just writing that seems more intimidating than going on Shark Tank.

Add to that the list of the previous winners’ accomplishments, and mama is feeling a bit anxious.  This is just the fourth year of HATCH pitch, and the winners from the previous three years have already raised more than $150 million in invested capital (translation: a whole lot of hoodies).   And, several of them did it before turning 40 (there’s still hope for one of our founders on that front).

Our main objective is to share with the world how we’re innovating payments for moms and schools – and anyone collecting from a group. End goal – score more users…and more funds!  (Our second goal is to get mama a hoodie.)

Spread the Cheddar Love

Hatch pitch states that this is a “pitch competition for tech startups that are making life better”.  In their own words, they have selected only start-ups that are making life better.  That alone is testimony to why you should introduce more Cheddar Up into your lives.  And, if you are in Austin on March 16th, please come support @CheddarUp!  We love our users and fans and their friendly faces.   Not going to make it to Austin? Please share our posts and re-tweet our tweets and spread the Cheddar love! 

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