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PTA New Year’s Resolutions

Perhaps because we've outgrown the concept after years (and years and years) of attempting them, we aren't setting personal New Year's Resolutions around here.  (Plus, we already know that there's no point in trying not to drink wine when children are present, and committing to working out five days a week requires too much laundry.

But, we aren't giving up on trying to do better!  That's why we believe it's brilliant to set New Year's Resolutions for the organizations you're involved with, especially those where something as simple as collecting money more easily can have a huge impact.  

How much of a difference can simply turning to online collecting make, you ask?   Well, two schools in particular that opted to use Cheddar Up for collecting all-staff, school-wide holiday teacher gifts at the end of 2014 had an 80% increase in giving compared to when they relied on cash and checks. That's an amazing increase that could have a dramatic impact on any organization you're involved with, but imagine that kind of impact on your school's PTA or fundraiser (of course, that's only if you are interested in increasing parent participation and support).

Not to mention, being tasked with the responsibility of keeping track of a paper money and keeping it secure is a heavy burden (figuratively and literally).  We’ve had personal experience with checks collected for a local non-profit that were stolen out of a car!  That caused both security and administrative issues that took months to repair.  Cheddar Up takes those concerns off of your already over-filled plate.

We want to take all of the work out of these New Year's Resolutions for you, so we've compiled them below.  You can just print them out and post them at your work space or memorize them or just quickly add "Cheddar Up" to the agenda for the next PTA meeting, and watch the participation rise.  

2015 New Year's Resolutions for Our PTA

  1. We will avoid collecting cash or checks (harder to track, less secure) at all costs (but not to the extent where we run away from people with paper money across busy streets);
  2. We will use Cheddar Up to collect PTA dues, donations and anything that would normally involve a check and paper form, thereby making our lives easier AND saving trees;
  3. We will use a smaller, more back- and shoulder-friendly bag for PTA and school matters, because we will no longer be loaded down with checks and ledgers; and
  4. We will shower more because now we will have saved all the time of tracking down where we stuffed that check that so-and-so handed us at drop-off.  

And, there it is!  By resolving to change the way your PTA works, you get a personal resolution too.  A win-win.

Happy 2015 with better results!

Your friends at Cheddar Up

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