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Waltzing with Matilda Jane

Waltzing with Matilda Jane

We focus a lot on the many uses for Cheddar Up. Building one product that can be used for all sorts of group collections is our challenge. It’s easy to build product for a single use: Schools, Scouts, Youth Teams, Dues Collection. But building a product that serves all of these at once—that’s tough. It requires very flexible software and lots of options while maintaining one super simple format.

It’s not my intention to toot our own horn, but it’s worth acknowledging how far we’ve come. We know we have, because we recently pulled up the first iteration of our Create a Tab page – from 2013. It is snorty, blow-coffee-out-of-your-mouth funny. Much to my co-founder, Molly’s chagrin, I’m sharing it below – a nice side-by-side comparison. Fortunately, the first iteration never saw the light of day, but that’s where we started. Like I said, we’ve come a long way.

Our mission has always been to become the “evite of online payments”…that thing that solves all of those payment + form collections no matter how simple or complex. And, no matter your technology fluency, we want you to arrive at Cheddar Up and hit the ground running.

Because we’ve had some success, Cheddar Up is doing a lot for many, many different types of users. Looking at tabs that were created today, I see a PTA event, glow run, bachelorette party, tickets to a Seuss musical, a Flamingo fundraiser (?), family reunion, soccer gear, girl scout troop fees…just to name a few. That’s a lot of cool stuff, and we’re thrilled to be involved with all of it.

But more recently, we stumbled on yet another use case – one that we’re pretty excited about.  My amazing sister is a Matilda Jane trunk keeper.  If you have a daughter within the ages of 1-12, you’ve probably heard of it. It’s an adorable clothing line. They originally focused on little girls but have now expanded to tweens, women and accessories. It’s truly beautiful product with an attention to detail like no other.

Through my sister, it came to our attention that a lot of Matilda Janers need to sell their entire trunk of goodies every season so they can buy a new one, and they’re currently doing it via not-so-efficient means. We thought, heck, Cheddar Up would make this process so simple. We wanted to help. So on a dime (the benefit of being a nimble startup), we optimized a few of our features, created a template for all Matilda Jane trunk keepers, and launched to their community.

That began our beautiful dance with Matilda Jane. A little dramatic, I realize, but we loved every interaction with these fabulous women. We had great phone conversations, live chats and email exchanges. Not only did they love Cheddar Up, but they provided hugely valuable and tangible feedback. And…they were nice. Truly kind people. Their tabs (payment pages) had more than 200 items on them, which, if you’ve ever used Cheddar Up, you’ll know that’s a LOT of items. There were a few technical glitches along the way, but never once was there any grief from these super stars.

It turns out that our flexible software works really well for this. Honestly, who knew? Instead of arduous back-and-forth posting on Facebook, these trunk keepers could create a tab on Cheddar Up, post a link, sit back and relax.   

Based on input from the trunk keepers, we spent January making some major enhancements to our product. And I’m thrilled to say that Cheddar Up has never been better. These are some of the features we’ve added:

  • Large, beautiful item images
  • Section headers that double as navigation links and allow the customer to quickly switch to different categories when browsing
  • A bullet proof Create a Tab page (this page has been completely rebuilt and responds to your every whim)
  • Custom branded tab page (you read that correctly – custom, branded pages)
    Mind. Blown.

Here are two snippets:


MOBILE (Check out that sticky top nav!):

What we really want to say is “Thank you, Matilda Jane”.  We heart you, and look forward to working with you for years to come. And…finally – we know you are absolutely the heroic volunteer in your community, so we welcome you to use Cheddar Up for all those other pesky collections (lots of them kid related) that still involve checks and paper forms (teacher gifts, soccer gear, troop fees, PTA fundraisers…the list goes on).

We're here if you need us!

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