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PTA Planning: Get a Head Start and Blow Their Minds!

PTA Planning: Get a Head Start and Blow Their Minds!

This PTA doesn't just happen magically. We know it takes hours of painstaking planning and coordination. Even though the school year is just ending, now is actually the best time to start planning for the upcoming year. 

And with a new year comes a fresh start for innovation and simplicity. That's where Cheddar Up comes in. We want to help you be the innovator and take your PTA payments and forms online.

Why? Because volunteers and parents alike are CRAVING it. It will mean no more busy work for volunteers and greater parent participation across the board. 

We want to help you leave a legacy...and generally speaking - blow people's minds!

Get started with the Top 5 Ways to Move Your PTA Online

Increase membership with this simple change - offer an online way to pay. Our data shows a nearly 70% increase in the amount collected when moving online.

Eliminate those long back-to-school registration lines. Create an online collection page that does it for you. Include it all--from dues to waivers to sponsorships. Did we mention there's no cost to your PTA?!


Want to increase parent participation at your events? Promote early, promote often! That's what an online event page gives you. Sell tickets in advance by promoting a link to your event in all your communications.


Scrap those paper order forms. Now you can move your Spirit Wear store online! Add images, create categories...even track inventory. You can promote your online store year round and sell MORE!


Considering a direct donation drive this year? It's a successful fundraising trend that can't be ignored--because it works. Offer an online giving option to ensure it's a success.You keep every penny that's donated!

Waltzing with Matilda Jane

Waltzing with Matilda Jane